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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # E-Bow the Letter (Last updated: 10/17/96) Ok...First the lyrics...Then the chords...We have 7 different versions of this song in this file. I'll try and see which is the most accurate. - chris) Lyrics Source: From the premiere of the cc-video on MTV (August 14) 1-Look up, what do you see? All of you and all of me Fluorescent and starry Some of them, they surprise The bus ride, I went to write this, 4:00 a.m. This letter Fields of poppies, little pearls All the boys and all the girls sweet-toothed Each and every one a little scary I said your name I wore it like a badge of teenage film stars Hash bars, cherry mash and tinfoil tiaras Dreaming of Maria Callas Whoever she is This fame thing, I don't get it I wrap my hand in plastic to try to look through it Maybelline eyes and girl-as-boy moves I can take you far This star thing, I don't get it 2-I'll take you over, there I'll take you over, there Aluminum, tastes like fear Adrenaline, it pulls us near I'll take you over It tastes like fear, there I'll take you over Will you live to 83? Will you ever welcome me? Will you show me something that nobody else has seen? Smoke it, drink Here comes the flood Anything to thin the blood These corrosives do their magic slowly and sweet Phone, eat it, drink Just another chink Cuts and dents, they catch the light Aluminum, the weakest link I don't want to disappoint you I'm not here to anoint you I would lick your feet But is that sickest move? I wear my own crown and sadness and sorrow And who'd have thought tomorrow could be so strange? My loss, and here we go again (repeat 2) (repeat 1) I can't look it in the eyes Seconal, spanish fly, absinthe, kerosene Cherry-flavored neck and collar I can smell the sorrow on your breath The sweat, the victory and sorrow The smell of fear, I got it (rpt 2, 2...) Pulls us near Tastes like fear.. Nearer, nearer over, over, over, over Yeah, look over I'll take you there, oh, yeah I'll take you there Oh, over I'll take you there Over, let me I'll take you there.. There, there, baby, yeah ---- From: james yerian (jyerian@thiel.edu) intro and bridge: G to Em all verses: C G Em Bm, then C G Em which then launches into the chorus of : D to Em ----- (Source: Greg Allum) Intro-- G Eminor7th repeated 4x (the G is strummed twice and then picked on the E and B strings with the G becoming a G6) (The Em7 Is picked on the E and B strings after 2 strums as well) Verse C G Em Bm C G Em Em repeated 2x (The rhythm is sort of two strums on each chord) Chorus--- D Em repeated 4 x (the riff on the D is below) B--------------3-----2--------------- G-------------------------2---------2-----4 D------------------------------4 Thats it...except for where it goes quiet and that bit is the intro repeat! ---- I have just heard REM'S New single "E-Bow the letter" on the radio and grabbed my guitar and started transcribing it, seems pretty easy so I thought some might like the Guitar chords for it so here they are:- "E-Bow the letter" by REM from their Forthcoming album "Adventures in Hi-Fi" Transcribed by Simon Darby (chrisd@atlas.co.uk) This is all my own work If there are any mistakes send me some e-mail and give me the corrections But I am pretty sure these are right well 99% surte any way here goes Intro D Dsus4 Dsus2 Em Em7 (Played in a moderate flow) Verse's C Cadd(9) G Em Em7 (Alternative picking used, Just pick through chords) Chorus D Dsus4 Em Em7 Chords used:- Cadd(9) Dsus4 Dsus2 Em7 e 0 3 0 b 3 3 3 g 0 2 0 d 2 0 2 a 3 x 2 E x x 0 --------- E-Bow the Letter (from: anonymous) "D": 2:-3--3-2-0-----0 3:-2--------0-2 4:-0--- peter doesn't play it like this every single time - he'll play around with it a lot. C:x32010 Dsus2:xx0230 Bm:x24430 Em:x79987 note: during the verses, pick through the chords - it sounds better. also note: if you're confused about the verse chords, each chord gets 2 beats C Look up, and what do you see? Dsus2 all of you and all of me Bm Em cresents, stars, summer lily surprise Dsus2 Bm the bus driver went to write those four Ms - letter C I feel to pop these little pearls D Bm all the boys and all the girls Em C D street-toothed, each and every one of them a little scared Bm I said your name C I wore it like a badgered teenage film star: D Bm Taz Forrest, Jerry Mash, tenfold tiaras Em C D Bm dreaming of Maria Callas, wherever she is the same thing C I don't get it D I wrapped my hand in plastic Bm to try to look through that maybelline eyes Em girls and boys and others C D to take the fall Bm this dark thing I don't get it (Chorus): "D" (for four beats) Em (for 2) G (for 2) "D" ( " ) Em (for 2) "I'll take you over, I'll take you there" "D" aluminum, tastes like fear Em G adrenaline, pulls us near "D" Em tastes like fear (same chords as above) will you live to 83? will you ever welcome me? will you show me something that noboby else has seen snuck out, drink, here comes the flood anything within the blood these corrosives do their magic so lame, and sweet from EF drink, it's just another chink cut too dense they catch the light aluminum, will you sink? I don't want to disappoint you, I'm not here to anoint you I would lick your pupils at the sickest move, I'd wear my own crown with sadness and sorrow and who'd have thought tomorrow would be so strange my loss, here we go again "I'll take you over, I'll take you there" aluminum tastes like fear adrenaline, pulls us near tastes like fear pulls us near bridge: (4 beats per chord) G Em (3x) look up and what do you see all of you and all of me fussing and starring summing down a late surprise i can't look it in the eye sickened of spanish fly it's okay, i see a cherry-flavoured neckered car i can smell the salt on your breath the sweat, victory, salt, the smell thing i've got it "i can't move you over" aluminum, tastes like fear, adrenaline, pulls us near... that's it. on the verse immediately after the bridge, peter uses an e-bow, and here's what he does: a--3--5--2--7--5--3--5--2 ----- From: Andrew Steckler (andrew.steckler@flipflop.org) Um, I think I may have figured out some of E-bow to help you out here.. The intro goes: G Em The chorus: e----------------- B--3-2------------ G------2---2-4---- D--------4-------- ---- From: david wagner (102017.1777@compuserve.com) intro: eadgbE G Em7 (020000) verse: C G Em Bm C G Em Em (2x) (2 beats per chord) chorus: "D" Em (4x) "D": b-3-2 g-----2---2-4 d-------4 bridge: see intro From: Michael Dales (dalesm@dcs.gla.ac.uk) E-Bow the Letter from New Adventures in Hi-Fi Intro & Bridge : G Em do this three times Verse : C G Em Bm C G Em The last Em is played for twice the time of the rest Chorus D Em G Here the D is played for twice the time of the rest


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