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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Death by Guitar: (or "Silent Anticipations" by Michael Hedges) (butchered transcription intuited by Scott Edgar) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Line numbers at far left; string tuning shown for all strings h = harmonic s = stringslap (generic punishment, no precision H = hammer-on S = bodysmack /necessary:just get that bass]) p = pulloff to < = downslide > = upslide r = righthand Tuning from standard: tune the low E down two l = lefthand frets to a D and the B string up one fret to ro= rightover a C. That's all:) lo= leftover =============================================================== ) I N T R O ( =============================================================== E---12h----12-->--14--14--14-->--15--15--15-------12h--12-->-- C---12h-------------------7h----------------------12h--------- 0G---12h-------------------7h----------------------12h--------- 1D---12h-------------------7h----------------------12h--------- A---12h-------------------7h------------------s0-------------- D----0--------------------0-------------------s0-------------- E-(>)-14--14--14--14--14--p--10--12--12--p--10--p--8--p--7---- C-------------7h---------------------------------------------- 0G-------------7h---------------------------------------------- 2D-------------7h---------------------------------------------- A-------------7h---------------------------------------------- D-------------0----------------------------------------------- E--8--p--7--p--0--H2->-3--p--2--2--H3--p--2--p--0------------- C--------------0----------------3h-----------------H2->-3-<-2- 0G-------------------------------3h---------------------------- 3D-------------------------------3h---------------------------- A-------------------------------3h---------------------------- D-------------------------------0----------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------12->-14-- C--p--0------------------------------------------4h----------- 0G--------H2->-4-<-2-p-0--------------------------4h----------- 4D-----------------------H2->-4-<-2-p-0-----------4h----------- A---------------------------------------H2->-4---4h----------- D------------------------------------------------0------------ E-p-7-H9--9--p-7-p-5--14-14--p-12-H14->-15--15---------------- C---------7h-------------12h----------------7h---------------- 0G---------7h-------------12h----------------7h---*breath]*---- 5D---------7h-------------12h----------------7h---------------- A---------7h-------------12h----------------7h---------------- D-------------------------0----------------------------------- E------12h---------------7h-------------------------5h-------- C------12h---------------7h-------------------------5h-------- 0G------12h---------------7h-------------------------5h-------- 6D------12h-loH10---p-12h--0--0--5--5--5------ D-(p)0---0---:----------------lo3->-p-12h--0--0--5--5--5------ roughly repeat the above (more or less) about three times, after which: E---------------------3--------------------------------------- C---------------------3---again, several strums upon this----- 0G---------------------3---chord, as what whim moves you,------ 8D-lo3--3--3->-10-p-0--1---and then a repeat of line 06, only-- A-lo3--3--3->-10-p-0--1---with an extra 12h arpeggio before -- D-lo3--3--3->-10-p-0--1---the 7h and 5h ones. Listen....------ ...and after THAT....about three more times of line 07, then another of line eight, at which point it takes off from the: E--3-.--5--.--7--.--8--.--7--.--5--.--7--.--8--.--8--The dots- C--3-.--5--.--7--.--8--.--7--.--5--.--7--.--8--.--8--are for-- 0G--3-.--5--.--7--.--8--.--7--.--5--.--7--.--8--.--8--missing-- 9D--1-.--3--.--5--.--6--.--5--.--3--.--5--.--6--.--8--strums.-- A--1-.--3--.--5--.--6--.--5--.--3--.--5--.--6--.--8--Ympro=--- D--1-.--3--.--5--.--6--.--5--.--3--.--5--.--6--.--8--vyze]]--- After all this, one starts the mad bury-steel-splinters-in-yo- thumb slide parts, thusly: E-----------0---------0---------0--------3-----5-------------- C-----------0---------0---------0--------3-----5-------------- 1G-----------0---------0---------0--------3-----5-------------- 0D--lo3-->--10--3-->--10--3-->--10--p--0--1-->--3-------------- A--lo3-->--10--3-->--10--3-->--10--p--0--1-->--3-------------- D--lo3-->--10--3-->--10--3-->--10--p--0--1-->--3-------------- This also repeats about three times, then follows another line 09, then another set of these, and then...oh, eventually a crash'n'burn variation on line 06 with lots of offkey harmonics, screeching to a halt with a ferocious hammer-on over the neck with the left hand on a 333000 chord, after which collapse from oxygen depletion is in order, and makes a touching finale. * * * * ** * * ** ** * So...let's see where I can further confuse the issue.... Line 03: the 3h is an octave up from the 7h and sounds wonderful, if it can be coaxed into being. All those initial harmonic chords are nice slightly arpeggiated, although just a fist-impact (*POW]*) will do as well. Line 05: the X7h7h7h7h15 is indeed a bit of a stretch, so I often use the other harmonic node (don't ask at which fret, my hyperoctaves aren't too great) which involves a flamenco-style right-handed strum with the heel of the thumb brushing the strings at the requisite fret to get the harmonic. It's about fret 18 or 20 or something; two before the hole on my machine. Line 06: the harmonics can also be arpeggiated; he does them both ways, since that line more or less crops up more than once. Line 07: He accompanies the slap against the body with a short strum, or something. It comes out slightly different when I play it; too much intuition fluxing it up, I guess. He frets the slide from lo3 to pulloff to the 12h (or whatever sounds good; I do it a bit differently, and this may not be exact...prob'ly ain't) with his left index finger over the neck, then hits the 555555 from under the neck as a regular chord. Line 08: The lo3's (and following slides later on) are fretted over the neck with the left thumb. Most of the overneck hammer-ons are pinch-hit with the left index and thumb. Line 10: All the 333000's preceeding a slide to 10's are fretted over the neck with the left thumb. Get ready for the smoke to fly; I still can't play this fast enough. I think he must oil his strings:) Painstakingly handcrafted by


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