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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## [three diff versions] Date: Sat, 24 Jun 1995 21:33:14 +0100 From: David Worsley This is "This is a Call" by the Foo Fighters, tabbed by David and Jamie Worsley. It's good to see that Dave Grohl can perform without Nirvana. All chord illustrations are from low strings to high. Tune down half step: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb Chords used in this song: In parts of this song, there are F - xx3211 G5 - 355xxx two chords played together. With Ab - xx6544 Bb5 - 688xxx two guitarists, it is best for each F5 - 133xxx A5 - 577xxx to play one of the chords. If you=20 Ab5 - 466xxx Eb5 - x688xx are in a one guitar band or just by=20 G - xx5433 C5 - x355xx yourself combine the chords and play= =20 Bb - xx8766 Ab5 (root) - 066xxx the full bar-chord, strumming the=20 A - xx7655 whole guitar. __________________________________________________________________________ Sound of plugging in Guitar Intro: F Visiting is pretty, Visiting is good, Ab Seems that all they ever wanted F Ab5 Was a brother. // Verse 1: F + F5 This'll be a secret, We can keep it good, Ab + Ab5 Even all he ever wanted F + F5 Had a problem. Chorus 1: G + G5 Bb + Bb5 This is a call to all my A + A5 G + G5 Past resignations. Bb + Bb5 A + A5 This is a call Ab5 (root) Ab5 To all. / / Verse 2: F+F5 Finger nails are pretty, Finger nails are good, Ab + Ab5 Seems that all they ever wanted F + F5 Ab5 (root) Ab5 Was a market. / / F + F5 Their ballons are pretty, Big and say they should, Ab + Ab Ever fall around, F + F5 Call him magic marker. Chorus 2: G + G5 Bb + Bb5 This is a call to all my A + A5 G + G5 Past resignations. Bb + Bb5 A + A5 This is a call to all. G + G5 Bb + Bb5 This is a call to all my A + A5 G + G5 Past resignations. Bb + Bb5 It's been too long Coda: A5 Eb5 Ab5 C5 Eb5 Ab5 x6 // / /// / / // Repeat Verse 2 Repeat Chorus 2 Repeat Coda Repeat Intro Repeat Verse 1 Repeat Chorus 2 Repeat Coda twice Behind last Coda: Ab|-----6-------3-6-----| Eb|-5-5---4-4-4-----4-4-| Outro Db|-----1-----0-1-| First just this twice.... Ab|---------------| Eb|-1-1---1-1-----| Db|-----1--1-0-1-| Then this as well four times. Ab|--------------| Eb|-1-1----------| Db|-----1-3-3-| End with this. Ab|-------3-3-| Eb|-1-1---1-1-| __________________________________________________________________________ Date: Sat, 15 Jul 1995 20:21:25 -0400 (EDT) From: Anthony Tong Subject: TAB. This is a Call by Foo Fighters (fixed) This is a Call by the Foo Fighters. Transcribed by Anthony Tong ad201@torfree.net Listen to song to piece it together & for exact rhythm. The first time I sent this in I was WAY off.. assuring, isn't it? Normal tuning. Intro: touch your jack with this rythm(/), then plug it(+): / // / + Verse: E G Visiting is pretty, visiting is good, seems that all they ever A E A wanted was a brother Chorus: Gtr 1 F# A E F# A E This is a call to all my past resignation This is a call Gtr 2 e-----0-----------0--------------0-------0-------0------- B---0---0------0-----0---------0---0---0---0---0---0----- G-4---------3---------------2---------3------4----------- D-------------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- Post-Chorus Riff: Gtr 1 E7 NC B D op A e--(0)------------2--0--- B---5---------4-X-3--0-2- G---7---------4-X-2--0-2- play a few times, then Gtr 2 enter: D---6---------4-X-0----2- A---7-7-------2--------0- E-0-0-0-0-3-4------------ Gtr 2 e--------------------------(0)------------2--0--- B---------------------------5---------4-X-3--0-2- G---------------------------7---------4-X-2--0-2- D---------------------------6---------4-X-0----2- etc... A------------------6b(1/2)--7-7-------2--------0- E-------------------------0-0-0-0-3-0------------ If available, have a second guitarist, itll sound better. Outro: The first part is the same as the post chorus riff, the second part goes like this: Gtr 1 E-0-0-7-0-0-7-6-7-0-0-7-0-0-7-6-7-0-0--7-0-0--7--6--7- Gtr 2 E---------------------------------0-0-11-0-0-11-10-11 etc Ending: E----- B----- G----- D-2-2- A-2-2- E-0-0- I think youll find yourself what goes where. Enjoy ! Send comments or corrections to duchetjl@zeus.univ-poitiers.fr and to ad201@torfree.net. From: duchetjl@zeus.univ-poitiers.fr Date: Mon, 14 Aug 1995 16:49:37 UTC+2 This is a call (D.Grohl) played by: Foo fighters Tabbed by: Sylvain Duchet I don't know if it's exacltly as they recorded it, but it sounds like it. When I say "Tab", its not exactly right. I give you the chords for verses and choruses. "Tab" is for the riff after the 2nd chorus and outro. Standard tuning: E-A-D-G-B-E E G Visiting is pretty, visiting is good, seems that all A E A they ever wanted was a brother .... F# A E F# This is a call to all my past resignations A E A This is a call to all .... Riff: E|--------------------------------| B|----0----------------4-3-(0)-2--| G|----X----------(4)-4-4-2-(0)-2--| Repeat D|-2-(2)-2--------4--4-4-0-(0)-2--| this... A|-2-----2--------2--2-----(0)-0--| E|-0-----0-0-3-4------------------| Outro: E|---------------------| B|---------------------| G|---------------------| Repeat D|---------------------| this... A|---------------------| E|-0-0-11-0-0-11-10-11-| E|----------| B|----------| G|-X-X------| End with D|-2-2------| this. A|-2-2------| E|-0-0------| Verse 1 Chorus 1 (2 xs) Chorus 1 Riff Verse 2 Verse 2 Chorus 1 (2 xs) Chorus 1 (2 xs) Riff Riff Verse 3 Outro & End I don't think I need to give the lyrics (they're avaible from OLGA). Send comments, suggestions or corrections to: duchetjl@zeus.univ-poitiers.fr (sylvain) Enjoy the TAB !!... Sylvain -------------------------------------------------------------------------- DUCHET Jean-Louis Tel. : (33) Lettres et Langues Internet : duchetjl@zeus.univ-poitiers.fr Universite de Poitiers --------------------------------------------------------------------------


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