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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Date: Wed, 20 Sep 95 18:26:31 EDT From: winston campbell Subject: OTHER VOICES by The Cure Other Voices (words by Robert Smith, music by Laurence Tolhurst, Simon Gallup, and Robert Smith) After waiting such a long time for some one to transcribe this song, I just decided to figure it out by myself. I tried doing that months ago and failed. But this time around it was not as hard as I thought it was. Basically (maybe skipping notes), but basically this is how I play it: The strange intro is something like this: E -------------0--0------------ B -0--0--7-----5--5--------0--- G -4--4--4-----------6-----4--- D ----------------------------- A ----------------------------- E ----------------------------- The bass riff starts out as: Riff 1: G ------||-----------------|---------------------|| D -4----||----------0------|---------------------|| A ----0-||-2--2-2-2--------|-------------------0-|| E ------||---------------0-|-2--2-2-2-3--2--0----|| The double lines means that you must repeat the riff ending and starting at the double lines (you are not supposed to play those first two intro notes again). This riff (within the double lines) is repeated seven times, then you play: G -----------------|---------------------|-----------------| D ----------0------|-------------------0-|-2--2-2-2--------| A -2--2-2-2--------|---------------------|---------------2-| E ---------------0-|-2--2-2-2-3--2--0----|----------3------| G ---------------------|-----------------|---------------------| D -------------------0-|-2--2-2-2--------|---------------------| A -4--4-4-4-5--4--2----|---------------2-|-4--4-4-4-5--4--2--0-| E ---------------------|----------3------|---------------------| You play Riff 1 again throughout the verse. Now, this is the part that may not be accurate: the guitar tablature. I am sure I am pretty close, this is how I play the guitar part during the verse: E ----------------------|---------------------| B ----------------------|-2--2-2-2/3--3--3--3-| G -4--4-4-4/7--6-6--6-x-|-3--3-3-3/4--4--4--4-| D -4--4-4-4/7--7-7--7-x-|-4--4-4-4/5--5--5--5-| A ----------------------|---------------------| E ----------------------|---------------------| If you listen to how the guitar is played, you will get the idea. Now, this song, believe it or not, has two choruses. The first chorus comes after the first verse (obviously). The bass for it (and I am not perfect on this) is: Chorus 1 Bass Riff: G ||--------------|-------------|-----------------|-----------------|| D ||--------------|-------------|-----------------|-----------------|| A ||--------------|-------------|-----------------|-----------------|| E ||-2----2--2--2-|-0--0---0--0-|-2--2-2-2-3------|-2--2-2-2-3------|| This is played four times. It is good to slip that A note for the last time when going back into Riff 1 for the second verse. The guitar part for Riff 2 is: Guitar Riff 1A: E ||--------------|-------------|---------------------|-------------------|| B ||-2--2--2--2---|-0-0-0--0--0-|-7--7-7-7-8\7-7-7--7-|-7--7-7-7-8\7-7-7--|| G ||-3--3--3--3---|-0---0--0--0-|-6--6-6-6-7\6-6-6--6-|-6--6-6-6-7\6-6-6--|| D ||-4--4---------|-2------2----|---------------------|-------------------|| A ||--------------|-------------|---------------------|-------------------|| E ||--------------|-------------|---------------------|-------------------|| Guitar Riff 1B: E --------------|-------------|----------------------|----------------------| B -2--2--2--2---|-0---0--0--0-|-7--7-7-7-8/10-10--10-|-7--7-7-7-8/10-10--10-| G -3--3--3--3---|-0---0--0--0-|-6--6-6-6-7/-9--9---9-|-6--6-6-6-7/-9--9---9-| D -4--4-----4---|-2------2----|----------------------|----------------------| A --------------|-------------|----------------------|----------------------| E --------------|-------------|----------------------|----------------------| You play Guitar Riff 1A three times, then you play Guitar Riff 2B once. You can play around a bit, especially at the F# to Em part. The second chorus goes something like this: G ||--------------|-------------|-----------------|------------------------|| D ||--------------|-------------|-----------------|------------------------|| A ||-4----4--4--4-|-5--5---5--5-|-----------------|------------------------|| E ||--------------|-------------|-7--7-7-7-5------|-2--2-2-2-3-----0--2--5-|| You play this three times, and on the fourth time, you play only half of it. Listen to the tape or CD and you will know what I mean. Anyway, the guitar for that part is: E ||-----------|------------|--------------------------|-------------------|| B ||-----------|------------|-12--12-12-12\10-10-10-10-|-7--7-7-7/10-10-10-|| G ||-6--6-6--6-|-7-7--7-7-7-|-11--11-11-11\-9--9--9--9-|-6--6-6-6/-9--9--9-|| D ||-6--6-6--6-|-7-7--7-7-7-|--------------------------|-------------------|| A ||-----------|------------|--------------------------|-------------------|| E ||-----------|------------|--------------------------|-------------------|| Like the bass, repeat this three times and then play half of it. The song ends with Riff 1 repeating and there are inaudible sounds of the intro going. I hope this has helped. It may not be perfect and maybe you can formulate your own transcription of it or whatever. By the way, here are the lyrics: whisper your name in an empty room you brush past my skin as soft as fur taking hold i taste your scent distant noises of other voices pounding in my broken head commit the sin commit yourself and all the other voices said change your mind you're always wrong (always wrong) come around at christmas i really have to see you smile at me slyly another festive compromise but i live with desertion and eight million people distant noises other voices pulsing in my swinging arms caress the sound, so many dead and all the other voices sing change your mind you're always wrong (wrong...)


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