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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: Sun, 14 Jan 1996 10:35:27 -0600 From: verkuilen john v GUINNEVERE By David Crosby TABbed by Jay Verkuilen (jayv@uiuc.edu) with some formatting by Bill Kok (kok@oasys.dt.navy.mil). Thanks to both Kurt Zimmermann and Rick Schattnik for much valuable help with this song. Tuning: EBDGAD, low to high. Guinnevere is a real tricky song. It has wierd, ambiguous chords, several time signature changes, and some odd fingerpicking. Worse, the "feel" of this song is really hard to get. Most chords are picked through--I will suggest picking in the TAB. Some of the chords are pretty wierd and the names are major stretches. Given that this song implies quartal or whole tone harmony this isn't surprising, but you were warned. (Hopefully I made few mistakes :) You might be able to figure out the right picking by listening to the song and playing each chord. INTRO E11: 0-x-4-x-0-0 B min9: x-0-7-6-5-0 B min11: x-0-7-6-7-0 G add11: x-x-5-4-3-0 G: x-x-5-4-2-0 D5/E: x-x-2-2-0-0 VERSE E min13: 0-0-0-0-0-0 (hammer C# 2nd fret this is song's signature chord) G min11: 3-3-5-3-3-3 Fsus4: 1-x-3-3-3-x C11 (1st inv): 0-x-2-3-3-0 Bb add9 (1st inv): x-x-0-3-3-0 Gmin add11: 3-x-0-3-3-0 Peacocks ... Gsus4: x-x-5-0-3-0 Dmin 6 9 (2nd inv): x-x-3-0-1-0 Why can't... G add9 (2nd inv): 7-x-5-0-0-x A 13 (no 3): 5-x-4-0-0-x E min11 (2nd inv): 3-x-2-0-0-x Bridge: A7 sus4: 5-x-2-0-0-0 B min7: x-0-4-2-0-0 Song structure: Intro Verse 1 Verse 2 Bridge Verse 3 Modified Bridge (no lyrics) Outtro (main figure to fade) GUINNEVERE by David Crosby Verse 1: Time 4/4 for intro, 8/8 for the first part of each verse Emin13 Guinnevere had green eyes, Emin13 Like yours, my lady like yours. Gmin11 F7add11(no3) C11 (1st inv) Bb add 9 Gmin add11 She'd walk out in the garden in the morning after it rained. (Time 3/4) Gsus4 Dmin 6 9 (2nd inv) Peacocks wandered aimlessly, Gsus4 Dmin 6 9 (2nd inv) Underneath an orange tree. (Time 11/8) See TAB... Why can't she see me? We shall be free... etc Bridge: Bmin 7 ... A7 sus 4 (a few times, I don't remember exactly how many) A7 sus4 And she turns her gaze B min7 Down the slope to the harbor where I lay Emin13 Anchored for a day. ..right into 3rd verse TAB: Intro: Time 4/4 All notes legato. E11 (4x) B min 9 B min 11 --0--------0-----0-|--0----------------------|--0----------------------| -----0-------------|-----5--------5----------|-----7--------5----------| --------0----------|--------6--------6-----6-|--------6--------6-----6-| -----------4--5--6-|-----------7--------7----|-----------7--------7----| -------------------|--0----------------------|--0----------------------| --0----------------|-------------------------|-------------------------| ! (trip) ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! G G add 9 --0-----------0--------|---------0-----------0-------| -----2--------------2--|--0-h-2-----2--------------2-| --------4--------4-----|---------------4--------4----| --5--------5-----------|--5---------------5----------| -----------------------|-----------------------------| -----------------------|-----------------------------| ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (note beats here) D5/E D5/E --0-----------0-------|---------0-----------0-------| -----0--------------0-|------------0--------------0-| --------2--------2----|--0-h-2--------2--------2----| --2--------2----------|--0-h-2-----------2----------| ----------------------|-----------------------------| ----------------------|-----------------------------| ! (trip) ! ! ! ! ! ! Verse: Main figure (I recommend practicing this one first to build your picking technique before attempting the rest). It is in 8/8 and is kind of tricky. Note the beats carefully. E min 13 --0------------0--------0--------| -----0------------0--------------| --------0------------0-----------| ------------------------0-h-2----| -----------0-h-2-----------------| --0------------------------------| ! (trip) ! (trip) ! "When she'd walk out in the garden..." G min 7 F sus 4 --3----------------------|----------------------------| -----3-----------3-------|--3-----------------3-------| --------3-----3-----3----|-----3-----------3-----3----| -----------5-----------5-|--------3-----3-----------3-| -------------------------|----------------------------| --3----------------------|--1--------1----------------| ! (trip) ! (trip) ! ! (trip) ! (trip) ! C11 (1st inv) Bb add 9 (1st inv) G min add 11 --------------------|--0------------------------------| --3--------3--------|-----3-----------3---------------| -----3-----------3--|--------3-----3-----3--3---------| --------2-----2-----|--0--------0---------------------| --------------------|---------------------------------| --0-----------------|-----------------------3---------| ! ! ! (trip) ! (trip) ! (trip) ! (Note: I'm kind of unsure about the part above. I tried to render as best as I could what I play here (although I tend to improvise a lot when finger- picking). It is close and doesn't sound out of place, but you should consider what Crosby actually plays here as it might be different. I personally don't like literal copies so I don't know exactly what he does. In any event, the original song has several different instruments and I have tried to render the different parts as best I could.) "Peacocks wandered aimlessly..." Time 3/4 G sus 4 D 6 9 (1st inv) --0-----------0--------|--0-----------0-------| -----3---------------3-|-----1--------------3-| --------0--------0-----|--------0--------0----| --5--------5-----------|--3--------3----------| -----------------------|----------------------| -----------------------|----------------------| ! (trip) ! ! ! (trip) ! ! G sus 4 D 6 9 (1st inv) --0-----------0--------|--0-----------0-------| -----3---------------3-|-----1----------------| --------0--------0-----|--------0--------0----| --5--------5-----------|--3--------3----------| -----------------------|----------------------| -----------------------|----------------------| ! (trip) ! ! ! (trip) ! ! (proceeds straight into...) "Why can't she see me?" Time 11/8 --------------------------------------------| -----0--------0--------0---------------0----| --------0--------0--------0---------------0-| --5--------4--------2-----------------------| --------------------------------0-h-2-------| --7--------5--------3--------0--------------| ! ! ! ! Play 3x, with vocal on the last time, ending with arpeggiated 12th fret harmonics in free time Bridge: (Note: if you're adventurous, these chords are great to solo over while you play the bass notes with your thumb.) B min A7 sus 4 --0--------0------------|---------------0-------| -----0--------0---------|---------------------0-| --------2------------2--|---------0-------------| ------------------4-----|--2---2-----2-----2----| --0---------------------|-----------------------| ------------------------|--5--------------------| !(trip) !(trip) ! ! ! Lyrics: Verse 1 Guenivere had green eyes, Like yours my lady like yours. She'd walk out in the garden in the morning after it rained, Peacocks wandered aimlessly, Underneath an orange tree. Why can't she see me? Verse 2 Guenivere drew pentagrams, Like yours my lady like yours, Late at night when she thought no one was watching, on the wall. Do do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do... She shall be free. Bridge As she turns her gaze, Down the slope to the harbor where I lay, Anchored for a day. Verse 3 Guenivere had golden hair, Like yours my lady like yours, Streaming out when we rode through the warm sands down by the bay, yesterday. Seagulls circle endlessly, I sing in silent harmony. We shall be free.


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