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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: phlegm@cs1.bradley.edu (Kevin Bourrillion) A E R O S M I T H "Sweet Emotion" from _Toys in the Attic_ (also on _Pandora's Box_, and heavily abridged on _Greatest Hits_) Transcribed by Kevin Bourrillion phlegm@cs1.bradley.edu A D A S w e e t E m o - t i o n Verse |-----------------|-----------------| |-3---------------|-----------------| |-2---2-----2-----|---------2-------| |-0---2-----2-----|---------2-------| |-----0-----0-----|-3p0-----0-------| |-----------------|-----3------(3)--| talk about things and nobody cares.. etc. Between verses |-----------------|-----------------| |-----------------|-----------------| |-----------------|-----------------| |-----------------|-----------------| |-5p3p0-----------|-----------------| |-------0-2-2---0-|-3-3---0-4---5---| Outro (solo mainly in E dorian) |-----------------|-----------------| |-----------------|-----------------| |---------7-----9-|---9-----2-2-----| |-2---2---7-----9-|---9-----2-2-----| |-2---2---5-----7-|---7-----0-0-----| |-0---0-------0---|-------0-----3-4-| From: danielp%elcx.dnet@esu36.ateng.az.honeywell.COM (Ist Splatten Gutten) Aerosmith "Sweet Emotion" ------------------------- This file is a comglomeration of the various posts made by various people, along with my own corrections and the addition of timing. Below the tab there is time notation in sixteenth notes (1 e + a, etc). If you know what this means, then it may help you; if you don't understand the timing notation, just listen to the CD and follow the tab. The bass intro is from a recent interview with Aerosmith's Bassist in Guitar World magazine. The guitar part is a decent approximation. Everything else in this song is pretty straightforward; a little work should do it. For the break between the verse (Fig C), the []3 means play three times. The only version I have of this tune is the one from Greatist Hits, so I don't have any solos to transcribe; when I hear it on the radio or from someone's Pandora's Box, there is more than what's here. If anyone has this, please post. If I've made errors, please download this file, update it, and resubmit it to the archives. Guitar intro/chorus (Fig A) Bass intro/chorus e--------------------------------- b--------------------------------- g--------------------------------- g---------12--------14------------------ d---------5-----7---7------------- d---------------------------12-11-14-14- a-0---0-0---0-0-------0-0-5p0-4h5- a-12--12------12-12--------------------- e--------------------------------- e--------------------------------------- 1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a 1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a Verse (Fig B) e--------------------------------- b-3------------------------------- g-2---2-----2-------------2------- d-0---2-----2-------------2------- a-----0-----0-----3p0-----0------- e---------------------3----------- 1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a Between verses (Fig C) e[---------------------------------]3 --------------------------------- b[---------------------------------]3 --------------------------------- g[---------------------------------]3 --------------------------------- d[---------------------------------]3 --------------------------------- a[-5p3p0---------------------------]3 -5p3p0--------------------------- e[-------0-2-2---0-3-3---0-4---5---]3 -------0-2-2---0-3-------4---5--- 1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a 1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a The is how is goes on the Greatest Hits CD (these words are what I think they are, if someone has the real lyrics, please update them): (Fig A 8 times) "Sweet Emotion Sweet Emotion" (Fig B 8 times) "Talk about things and nobody cares wearin' out things that nobody wears callin' my name but I gotta make clear I can't say baby where I'll be in a year" (Fig C - no vocals here) (Fig B 8 times) "Some (sweat hoggin')? mama with a face like a gent said my get up and go must've got up and went well I got good news she's a real good liar 'cause a backstage a boogie set ya pants on fire" (Fig C - no vocals here) (Fig A 8 times) "Sweet Emotion Sweet Emotion" (Fig B 8 times) "I pulled into town in a police car your daddy said I took you just a little too far you tell 'em them things but your girlfriend lied you can't catch me 'cause the rabbit done died (yes it did)" (Fig C - no vocals here) (Fig B 8 times) "Stand in the front just a shakin' your ass I take you backstage you can drink from my glass I talk about something you can sure understand 'cause a month down the road I'll be eatin' from your hand" (Fig C - no vocals here) (Fig A repeatedly 'til fade) "Sweet Emotion"


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