"I Wanna Be Bad (Remix)"
(feat. Royce Da 5-9)

Oh.. I, I.. I

[Chorus One: Willa]
I wanna be bad witchu baby
I, I.. I, I
I wanna be bad witchu baby

Do you, understand what I need, need from you
Just let me the girl to show you, you
everything that she can be
Is everything that I can be (I wanna be)
My turn, lemme letchu know that I, I can
promise that I won't do that
So boy, say the time and place
cause you make me wanna mis-behave

[Chorus Two: Willa]
I wanna be bad (bad), make that look so good
I've got things on my mind, I never thought I would
I, I wanna be bad (bad), make that feel so good
I'm losin all my cool, I'm about to break the rules
I, I wanna be bad

[Chorus One]

Whassup? Tell me what to do
How to be, teach me, all your rules from A to Z
but I, don't want your other girl to see
that you mess around wit me (ooh)

I should-a thought
Tell ya what I got is whatcha want
Tell, tell me, do I, I turn ya on?
I don't want no one judgin me

[Chorus Two]

[Royce Da 5-9 (Willa)]
[*Chorus One overlaps Royce's verse*]
Willa, Willa, Willa, whatchu want? Whatchu want?
Willa, Willa, Willa, whatchu want? (can I get it from you?)
Is it Em the "Criminal" wit the "Stan" look, uhh
You need a "Real Shady" to (please stand up)
Or is it me, the criminal wit the V
The never pretend to be, nothin other than a (bad boy)
If you say you want me, tell me how you gon' be
(hey Royce) Yo (I wanna be bad) c'mon

[Chorus Two - 2X]

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[Thanks to Frekkleface19@aol.com, Daddyslilangel90_08@yahoo.com for correcting these lyrics]


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