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"Top Of Tha Line Nigga"

Top of the line nigga....Check it!

[Verse 1]
Excuse me
Let me introduce me
Look, look, Uptown top of the line HB
See, I'm a million dollar nigga
Rolex on my wrist crush
Ain't too many could touch, baby
I'm too much
I'm 15 with 15 carats and 15 figures
And 15 niggas with 15 hummers with triggers
I'm way at the top
Of the million dollar spot
When I flex what I got
Make niggas sick like a drop
Every show I get,
You could give me a quarter ki
Tryin' to wholesale
But it cost six five to see me
While we be doin' shows,
Baby transportin' ki's
Findin' out all ways to beat the N.O.P.D.
But ugh ugh, can't stop me from shinin'
No, ugh ugh, can't stop my roley from windin'
Yeah, I (sniff) I,I, know niggas mind,
Me and Prime up in the 5
Dawg, it's top of the line

Say, Woday,
Look, look, for you to have diamonds like me
Ya'll need to see the leather in the humm-v
Us niggas six figures
Oh, Woday
Top of the line nigga
Say, Woday
For you to have diamonds like me
Check the rack and piney in the humm-v
Oh, Woday
See, we playin' with six figures
Oh, Woday
How U luv that?
Top of the line nigga

[Verse 2]
Nigga, I just ordered me somethin' new,
From sixth generation technology,
That's only made for movies
Comin' from Tennessee
And I'm in Louisville on 23rd Street
Hangin' with this Hot Boy, chillin'
Tryin' to find a way to drop a hundred ki's on these niggas
And I'm peepin' this shit
They be shinin' like me nigga
Ridin' on 20's,
They be playin these hoes,
These niggas in Louisville got a mouth-full of golds
But see, Playboy, I be bout that shinin'
These niggas bout that repin' while I be bout big tymin', nigga
I'm so tru to do whatever I do,
I just bought new cars for the whole crew
I'm so top of the line, nigga, I don't know what to do
I bought Fresh a Lamboughini and me a Lotus, fool

I Got the jacuzzi, nigga, in the back of the truck,
Runnin' water for ya daughter when she wanna get buck
Cable, satellite dish, sony remote
Benson sold me the truck
Copa sold me the boat
I got some shit on my finger that'll blind a crowd,
I got some shit in my trunk that's way too loud
I'm the most looked at in the year '98
Ya'll got to love me baby
Don't I look great?
God gave me a gift, so I'm gon' share it ya'll
Like Michael Jordan, ya'll gon' see me ball

1 million, 2 million, 3.
Oh! It's my part?
Lil' niggaa with the cold heart
Lexus automatic start
I shine like 18's
And sparkle like a bezel,
Ridin' up ya block in a fully loaded Legend
Nigga, Navigator on broaders
But that's for tomorrow, though
Shaggin' the 400 with Mag, Julius, and Mario
Yeah, slut, that's me
In the GS3
So play the back seat
Suck on me
Watch ya teeth
And, uh, wipe ya feet before ya step on the mar-ble
Ding-dong, rock ya bell
Work ya mell
So what the hell?
Like my smile?
3 million dollar grin
This me
Hey, introduce me to ya friend
It's all gravy baby
Hot Boy
You should know
In a Mercedes baby
Uhuh, that's beautiful
Look, I'm large girl
Be flyin' up and down the lake on CDR's girl
In my garage up at my place
I got more cars girl
I swear
Me and my presence
We superstars bro
Look, look, it's marvelous
Ya see I (bloop)
Bust like a bottle of Moet
Go cash about 4 checks
Go write till I get Moet
I sticks to the code
Reeboks and Girbaud
It's all about a mil, these hoes, diamonds, and gold

Say, Woday
Ya'll niggas need to have diamonds like me
Check the woodgrain in the humm-v
Oh, Woday
See, us niggas playin' with six figures
Say, Woday
Top of the line type niggas
Oh, Woday
Ya'll don't have no diamonds like me
Oh, Woday
I don't think you drive a humm-v
Say, Woday
I'm playin with six figures
Say, Woday
Runnin' with top of the line type niggas

Hey, Playboy it's like this. Say, go get the shovel, man.
Let's go dump all this ice. It's wonderful baby. For real.
Truly marvelous. Ya'll tryin to wear me like jeans,
but ya'll need to wear ya'll own, man. C'mon, for 50 man.


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