"Testing 1,2,3"

Maybe it would be fun
To get a new opinion
Get a little work done
And forget

Maybe it would be cool
If I rocked it old school
Try to break a gold rule
And a sweat

Better than the first time
Better than the worst time
If I could just reverse time
I'd be set

Testing 1,2,3
Can anybody hear me?
If I shed the irony
Would anybody cheer me?
If I acted less like me
Would I be in the clear?

She got a new apartment
It's out on the escarpment
And in her glove compartment
Are my songs

She hasn't even heard them
Since she found out what the words meant
She decided she preferred them
All wrong

Kind of like the last time
With a bunch of really fast rhymes
If we're living in the past I'm
Soon gone


We recognize the present
Is half as pleasant
As our nostalgia for

The past'll be presented
Recast and reinvented
Until it's how we meant it


He's everything that you need
You wiped out on your ten speed
And either he will succeed
Or just suck


Begin the...

Would I be in the clear, G?

Testing 1,2,3
Testing 1,2,3

[Thanks to, for correcting these lyrics]


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